1. A patient has three aliquots for thawing and expansion of frozen cells. What code would be assigned?

1.  A patient has three aliquots for thawing and expansion of frozen cells. What code would be assigned? 

       A. 88241 ×3   B. 88240   C. 88241   D. 88245 ×3 

2.  A 31-year-old patient is admitted to the hospital due to spinal, nasal, chest, and pelvic injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident. The physician obtains a two-view x-ray of the thoracic area of the spine; a dacryocystography of the nasolacrimal duct; a CT scan of the thorax without contrast material initially, but followed by contrast and further sections; and a five-view x-ray of the pelvis. The physician reviews the x-rays and interprets the findings. What CPT codes should be assigned? 

    A. 72110-TC, 72130, 71271-TC, 72193-26   B. 72070-26, 70170, 71270-26, 72190-26   C. 74236-TC, 74180, 72274-26, 72191-26   D. 72345-26, 72170, 71270-26, 72190-26

3.  The technical component of a CT of the thorax was performed without contrast material. What code would be assigned? 

       A. 71275   B. 71550   C. 71270   D. 71250

4.  A patient undergoes a limited clinical pathology consultation, without review of history or medical records. What code should be assigned? 

       A. 80436   B. 80500   C. 80502   D. 80434

5.  What code would be assigned for anterior segment imaging with fluorescein angiography, with interpretation and report? 

       A. 92230   B. 92499   C. 92235   D. 92287

6.  Code 82947 indicates a test that is included in a/an _______ panel. 

       A. hepatic function   B. lipid   C. renal function   D. electrolyte

7.  A 42-year-old male comes to the office for a prescription refill. The patient was previously prescribed amikacin for a severe bacterial infection. The patient is a former smoker and a continuous cocaine abuser. What ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes should be assigned? 

       A. Z76.0, Z87.891, F14.10   B. Z79.0, Z87.898, F14.10   C. Z77.0, Z87.892, F17.20   D. Z76.0, Z87.891, F16.14

8.  What code is assigned for intravenous pyelography without KUB and without tomography? 

       A. 74400   B. 74455   C. 74420   D. 74742

9.  What code should be assigned for a skeletal muscle morphometric analysis? 

       A. 88331   B. 88355   C. 88313   D. 88360

10.  What code should be assigned for a pinworm examination? 

       A. 87172   B. 87071   C. 87110   D. 86950

11.  A patient has a bilateral lower extremity venography with radiological supervision and interpretation. What code should be assigned? 

       A. 75893   B. 75822   C. 75825   D. 75831

12.  A patient has a hypotonic duodenography performed. The coder assigns code 74262. Is this code correct or incorrect? 

       A. Incorrect. The correct code is 74260.   B. Correct.   C. Correct, but it should include an add-on code.   D. Incorrect. The correct code is 74270.

13.  What code should be assigned for cryopreservation of a mature oocyte? 

       A. 89344   B. 89264   C. 89337   D. 89272

14.  A patient undergoes a therapeutic drug assay for lidocaine, phenobarbital, and vancomycin. What codes are assigned? 

       A. 80203, 80155, 80169   B. 80177, 80203, 80195   C. 80178, 80184, 80203   D. 80176, 80184, 80202

15.  Which of the following codes indicates a test that would be included in a comprehensive metabolic panel but not in a basic metabolic panel? 

       A. 82040   B. 82565   C. 84132   D. 82947

16.  A 40-year-old patient undergoes a caffeine halothane contracture test (CHCT). The physician interprets the final report. What CPT code should be assigned? 

       A. 89055   B. 89049   C. 89051   D. 89240

17.  A patient has an activated coagulation time test. The coder assigns code 85345. Is this code correct or incorrect? 

       A. The code is incorrect. The correct code is 85347.   B. The code is incorrect. The correct code is 85348.   C. The code is correct.   D. The code is correct, but should include a modifier for the activated portion of the test.

18.  Blood lipoprotein with electrophoretic separation and quantitation with high resolution fractionation and quantitation of lipoproteins including lipoprotein subclasses would be assigned to code 

       A. 83718.   B. 83698.   C. 83704.   D. 83701.

19.  A 23-year-old patient comes in complaining of shortness of breath, fatigue, and an abnormally fast heartbeat. She also has GERD, acute exacerbation of asthma, and cachecticorum acne. The physician obtains a complete blood cell count, and renders a diagnosis of Rietti-Greppi-Micheli anemia. What diagnosis codes are assigned? 

       A. D56.9, K21.9, J45.901, L70.8   B. D59.3, K21.9, J45.921, L70.8   C. D56.3, K24.9, J45.941, L70.8   D. D58.3, K23.9, J45.906, L70.8

20.  A patient is diagnosed with possible Rocky Mountain spotted fever. What code would be assigned to indicate testing for this condition? 

       A. 86148   B. 86243   C. 86153   D. 86000