10. A batter hits a baseball with a top speed of 110mph (roughly 65m/s). What is the longest homerun that can be achieved? a. 330m b. 430m c. 530m d….

10. Abatterhitsabaseballwithatopspeedof110mph(roughly65m/s). Whatisthe longesthomerunthatcanbeachieved?

a. 330m b. 430m c. 530m d. 630m

11. Howlongisthebaseballintheair? a. 10.2s b. 9.2s c. 8.2s d. 6.2s

12. Howhighhasthebaseballtraveledinthefirstsecondofflight (heightismeasuredatthe pointofimpact)? a. 40m b. 50m c. 60m d. 90m

13. Infiveseconds,howhighisthebaseballofftheground? a. 55m b. 105m c. 225m d. 255m

14. Howfarhasthebaseballtraveledin0.10seconds? a. 1.5m b. 4.5m c. 10.5m d. 15.5m

15. Whatistheverticalcomponentof thebaseballVy justbeforeitstrikestheground in mph? a. -110mph b. -100mph c. +90mph d. -80mph

I have the answers to 12 (A) and 14 (B) but i need help with the other answers. please help.