10 Offering paid funeral and parental leaves is an example of _____________. incentives base salary legally required benefits voluntary benefits 11

10 Offering paid funeral and parental leaves is an example of _____________.


base salary

legally required benefits

voluntary benefits

11 Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Dismissal refers to employer’s act to terminate an employee’s service due to misconduct.

An employer can terminate an employee without prior notice if the reason is due to misconduct.

Wilful insubordination is an example of minor misconduct.

Misconduct is any behaviour which is in conflict with the employer’s interests.

12 ___________ generally includes a series of increasingly severe penalties for repeated offenses, typically beginning with a verbal warning.

Severance pay

Progressive discipline

Employee relations

Dispute resolution

13 An employer-led investigation aimed at discovering facts and information about a situation in which an employer has accused an employee of misconduct refers to ____________.

Management prerogatives

Progressive discipline

Domestic inquiries

Dispute resolution

14 Which of the following guidelines for taking disciplinary action is FALSE?

Punishment should be given in public to teach wrongdoer a lesson.

Employee should know that punishment will follow unacceptable behavior.

Employee who performs the same misconduct will be punished with similar punishment.

Punishment should take place immediately after the judgment.

15 Benefits offer to employees based on the negotiation between employer and trade union during collective bargaining refers to ____________.

Legally required benefits

Discretionary benefits

Family benefits

Voluntary benefits

16 Pay plan in which employees are paid based on each unit they produce refers to which individual incentive plan?

Piece rate plan

Differential piece rate plan

Commission plan

Standard hour plan

17 During _________, employer may hire temporary replacement employees to continue business operation.



collective bargaining

domestic inquiry

18 ______________ allows employees to choose from a menu of optional benefits the ones that best fit their individual needs.

Stock option plan

Cafeteria plan

Individual plan

Referral plan

19 ___________ is the process by which representatives of employees meet together with the employer to negotiate upon workers wages and other terms and conditions of service.

Employee relations

Collective bargaining



20 In a unionized company, __________ decision making usually takes place to determine the “terms and conditions of service”.

unilateral            b. bilateral

21 An individual worker’s complaints towards an employer is known as _____________.





22 Which of the followings is NOT the importance of emphasizing on employees

safety in the organization?

To enhance good organization’s image

To increase employee turnover

To reduce operational cost

To reduce financial loss

23 Which of the following options is an example of voluntary termination contract?

Optional retirement

Compulsory retirement

Termination due to misconduct

Termination due to downsizing

24 The followings are three main components of employee compensation according to Rue, Ibrahiim and Byars (2016) EXCEPT_________.

Base wage or salary




25 The Employment act 1955 does cover temporary employees even though they earn below RM 2000.          A. TRUE    B. FALSE