1000 words Dangers of being Judgmental

Review the Strategy Questions for Organizing Your Argument Essay in Chapter 5, and then write a 1000- word response to Chapter Activity #2 at the end of Chapter 7. 

Chapter Activity question:

Judging others is human nature. Some of us may pratice fighting the urge to be judgmental more than others, but it is a ver active battle. What lessons can you argue the  characters from “A Good Mna is Hard to Find” and “Young Goodman Brown” teach readers regarding the dangers of being judgmental?

As you write your response, I want you to keep the following Strategy Questions from CH 5: Creating an Argument in mind:

1. Hook;

4. Supporting evidence (from the text);

8 & 9. Tone, Audience, and Voice;

10. Importance.

I will be looking to see if you open with a hook, provide supporting evidence, use an appropriate tone & voice for your audience, and end with explaining why it’s important for your reader to consider your argument/response.