1st Part Course Project due in 27 hours PROPOSAL 4 QUESTIONS

Use the following format for the course project proposal:

1. What topic did you choose from the list I provided?

2. Why did you choose this topic?

3. What types of sources will you use to find and provide information about your topic.

4. How will you organize your project?

Possible Final Project topics: 8-10 pages or any other format that I approve.

The History of the Olympics

 The History of Fashion

 The History of Makeup

The History of Hairstyles

 How does Downton Abbey reflect the thoughts, attitudes, manners, etc. of the late nineteenth century and early 20th century?

An examination of the film Titanic.

An examination of the film Far and Away

 An examination of the film Gallipoli  The Roaring 20’s  The Harlem Renaissance  20th Century Architecture  Cubism

Futurism Dadaism Surrealism

The Holocaust The Broadway and Hollywood Musicals of the 1930’s

Film Noir

Detective Novels/Films The evolution of women in film Existentialism  Screwball comedies Major American African Authors and Playwrights  Emerging non-white authors and playwrights The effect of the Space Race on the Arts  The Cold War, McCarthyism and the Arts

 1950’s Science Fiction Films  Rock and Roll  The Beatnik Movement  Vietnam, Protest, Movies, Theater, and Music  The Evolution of Television from Its Beginnings to the Present  The Feminist Movement  Television Situation Comedies  The Evolution of Dance from the 20’s to the Present The Art of Tattooing  Motown  The Beatles  Punk Rock

 Hip Hop  Shakespeare Film Adaptations  Anything you and I agree upon