250 words “Young Goodman Brown”

Writing Topic:

Do you believe humankind to be naturally good or inherently evil? Are people more inclined to selfishness and greed or sacrifice and kindness when it comes to their man? Offer your response and examples.

Read the short story “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1835)

Select ONE story from this week’s reading that you enjoyed the most. Then, write a response of no less than 250 words to the WRITING TOPIC prompt. 

As you write your response, I want you to keep the following Strategy Questions from CH 5: Creating an Argument in mind:

1. Hook;

4. Supporting evidence (from the text);

8 & 9. Tone, Audience, and Voice;

10. Importance.

I will be looking to see if you open with a hook, provide supporting evidence, use an appropriate tone & voice for your audience, and end with explaining why it’s important for your reader to consider your argument/response.