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Intelligence Oversight and Ethics (and Next Term)

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Please respond to the Forum questions listed below. You are expected to give complete answers using MORE than simply what you read in class. This course requires outside research and this is a critical element of your grade.  

#1 Discuss U.S. intelligence oversight. Is the process sufficient? If not, how should it be changed?

As we enter into the final two weeks of the course, I would like everyone to share with each other what your next step is at APUS.  Are you enrolled in another course after this one? 

 Has this course got you thinking about taking a course that you had not previously considered? 

 Is there anything that I, as your instructor, can do to help you plan out your future courses at AMU/APU?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 350 words.

Initial Post Due: Thursday, by 11:55pm ET