6 papers project and presentation

I need a 6 paper project and presentation for the same topic as basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student and please you use sources which I can get from the internet I need it in maximum 48hours  

The 6 pages Project assignment is your chance to choose any topic that we’ve covered, or related topic, and write a paper, approximately 6 pages minimum using appropriate APA or MLA citation style for all references.

 Here are some possible choices, although you need not limit yourself to these options:

1) The typical choice for this project is to watch two films or 2 TV show (3 episodes for each series) related to UFOs or Alien visitation.  After watching the films or shows, compare and contrast them. 

  1. What “type” of Alien, based on our class power points/lecture, are shown?
  2. What reactions to the Aliens do humans have?
  3. What do these reactions say about humanity/people in general?
  4. Do the films or TV shows reveal a criticism of some aspect of society? For example, do they imply that the government, corporations, or powerful people are involved in some way with the Aliens, and acting against the best interests of everyday citizens?
  5. Do these representations have a “hero”? Who is it or who are they? What makes them heroic, and what does that say about people or Aliens?
  6. What is the ending/conclusion of each film/show, and how does that ending shape our view of humans/Aliens?
  7. To what degree are these two TV series/Films the same or different, when it comes to the above questions?

2) Pick any topic we covered in class and write a research paper on that subject, for example, Project Blue Book, or Roswell, 

And  10 – 15 minutes presentation is for the same topic of the project papers with a video or audio recording (5-7)minutes