7860-U1D1 – Describe the type of quantative research, the variables investigated, what is meant by scientific merit, ect. See details below.

Using the readings from the textbook and the article on quantitative methodology that you chose earlier in this unit, provide a summary of the article in which you do the following:

  • Describe the type of quantitative research that was conducted: non-experimental, experimental, quasi-experimental; cross-sectional or longitudinal.
  • Describe the variables investigated in the research and how they were measured.
  • Describe what is meant by scientific merit and discuss ways in which it could have been improved in the article.
  • List the persistent link for the article in your response. Use the persistent link guide in the Resources to learn how to locate this information in the library databases.
  • Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post.

Use your Leedy and Ormrod text to complete the following:

  • Read Chapter 4, “Planning Your Research Project,” pages 74–115.