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Second paper instructions

Analysis of Guess Jeans Incorporated Company

Must include:

·         Abstract

·         History and background

·         The history of Guess Jeans

·         The missions and goals

·         The workforce issues of the company

·         The personnel activities within the company

·         The strengths of the company

·         Weaknesses of the company operations

·         Opportunities relating to the company

·         The threats of the company

·         Recommendations of the company

The paper must cover all these points including 5 business sources which must be cited in APA style. The length of the paper including cover page and references must between 3000-3100 words.

N/B:  The sources must be business related in that they can be the website of Guess Jeans Company, the 10K report, information relating to the financial report as from 2013, and other information from yahoo finance, and the Morningstar are also relevant.