agile approach in MS Project

In the previous weeks you have been exposed to the Waterfall approach, as demonstrated by the individual homework submissions.

At this point, you will be acting as the project manager for the development of a mobile application that needs to be implemented using the Agile approach.   Your task will consist of preparing an Agile project outline for the development of a mobile application. 

The Agile outline shall provide a list of tasks, features, a backlog, and sprints, at least 3 sprints.

NOTE: Please make sure to view the associated video links related to the Agile approach.

NOTES for assignment: 

A quick overview of the Agile approach is to include several iterations providing some of the expected features until the product is complete.  In this approach you could have several product releases that are made of iterations, a product feature release does not have to be limited to a single iteration.  Each iteration could include the same steps that are in the waterfall model and also the activities associated with

this approach.  Figure 1 in the link below should help with this task.  

(NOTE: MS Project includes an Agile template.)

Please see below for a couple of video clips on how to implement agile with MS Project, I do not expect this to be done at this level, however an outline is what I want so see that basically shows the agile concept as best captured at this point.