American Contemporary society two assignments

There are two assignment for this week.

 1st assignment

Week 5 due july 29th 2017

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on Asian-Americans. On many indicators of success, such as income and education, Asian-Americans, while a distinct minority, surpass Whites in America. Why is this?

Include the following:

·         Cultural value of Asians toward education

·         History of discrimination in the U.S.

·         Similarities and differences between Asian values and the dominant American values

·         Family

·         Extended family behaviors

·         Cultural values toward authority, both personal and institutional

·         Respect of adults

Format your paper consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

2nd assignment July 30th 2017

Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 9 to 12 slides.  In the 2000 census, people of mixed-race were allowed to select more than one race for their racial category. This change reflected a national increase in:

·         The acceptance of interracial couples

·         The number of interracial relationships (formal and informal)

·         The number of individuals who identify with two or more races.

Consider the following:

·         How does this change reflect racial and ethnic diversity in the US, racial tolerance and the future of race relationships in the U.S.?

Include in the presentation:

·         An introductory and conclusion slide

·         Graphics

·         References, including at least four references beyond the textbook (they can be others from the class)

·         Extensive speaker notes  

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.