As the Human Resource Director at a company that has decided to adopt a quot;cost leadershipquot; competitive strategy.

I need help with the assignment below:

As the Human Resource Director at a company that has decided to adopt a “cost leadership” competitive strategy. Its main goal is to increase its sales by 30% within 1 year.

Currently the company has 40 salespeople. Five of them are going to retire within 3 months. The others have attended their last training course (a 2 days course on sales techniques – basic) four years ago.

Considering that strategy, business goal and workforce situation, I am required to create HRM plan containing:

1.     an introductory description of the link between the organization’s business strategy and  HRM strategy;

2.     My employment planning and forecasting strategy;

3.     My recruitment and selection activities; a job description, job specification for the profile(s) that I think I should hire in addition ONE job posting designed to attract candidates.

4.     a description and sample of the test(s) that I  would use employee selection;

5.     the way in which I will interview the candidates explaining:

·        the type(s) of interview

·        the types of questions, with examples minimum 5 questions relevant to position

6.     The training process and training methods that I will adopt for the newly hired employee(s); i.e. what kind of training delivery method, how long would I suggest, what type of training?

7.     I should make checklist of the implementation strategy for a performance appraisal system

8.     The total reward package for the employee(s) that I will decide to hire based on a specific country’s laws and requirements. 

9.     Organizational Behavior motivational theories for the remaining staff

10. A comprehensive approach to retaining employees including creation of a HR calendar of strategies that will be implemented and when.

I need to justify all my choices.