Assignment Home Care Application: Accreditation Read the quot;Home Care: Accreditation Scenarioquot; located in the Allied Health Community.

Assignment Home Care Application: Accreditation

Read the “Home Care: Accreditation Scenario” located in the Allied Health Community.

In a total of 250- 500 words, respond to the questions located in the Home Care Scenario. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA S tyle Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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Accreditation Scenario


Many families choose to place their elderly loved ones in this assisted living facility because it has a

reputation as a caring and passionate provider of care throughout the United States. The facility has 225

efficiency apartments, furnished and equipped with the latest technology, in this segment of the health

care industry.

The assisted living facility administrator has provided some thoughts regarding the future of the facility,

especially regarding some recently acquired survey results. Although most scores were very good, there

seems to be a trend of some scores actually dropping, which causes concern. These lower scores seem

to be associated with issues related to communications between the assisted living staff and resident

family members, specifically among the Nursing Assistants, Register

ed Nurses, Social Services, and

family members. Although the patients are providing high scores for their experiences, the families are

more critical and thorough with the surveys.

The assisted living administrator has done some research regarding the Arizona Health Care Assisted

Living Accreditation Agency and discovered that the agency possesses a very highly touted program

that will provide postmodern systems, processes, and procedures to ensure that the assisted living facil

ity complies with the very highest standards, including refreshed criteria for caregivers, especially in the

areas of communication and effective patient-family-caregiver protocols. The administrator also found

the agency has an initial accreditation process that involves a comprehensive internal audit of all facility

functions. Every department, including executive management, human r

esources, accounting, nursing,

social services, dietary, grounds/maintenance, and others will be thoroughly inventoried, including their

policies, procedures, and the review of all employee records. Once approved, the assisted living facility

will be provided an initial accreditation. After one year, the assisted living facility will apply for reaccredita

tion on an annual basis.

The executive staff, upon the assisted living administrator’s recommendation, has approved the initiative

of gaining this high level of accreditation. The Vice President of Human Resources has been given the

directive of pursing the accreditation. Consider the following questions:




What type of accreditation does an assisted living facility need?


What are the pros and cons for accreditation? What tools would you use to evaluate the pros

and cons?


What stakeholders would you include? How would you ensure your primary, secondary, tertiary

stakeholders are informed?