Autoethnography Paper

Paper details Whether conscious of it or not, we are all a part of different communities and our participations within them are distinct. Task -Consider one of the communities that you belong to. -Describe it. -How is it characterized? -How is it perceived? -How do people behave and speak in it? -How would you characterize it as a Community of Practice? (a community where members have a shared goal/objective) [“Communities of Practice a Brief Introduction” by Etienne Wenger] -…as a Discourse Community? (your community’s identity kit: ways of saying, doing, being, valuing & believing) [“Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction” by James Paul Gee] -You absolutely MUST reference and introduce the concepts of ‘Community of Practice’ and ‘Discourse Community’ in your papers. These are the foundational concepts of this assignment. -What is your place in said community? -I am expecting you to make a micro to macro move. Move outward from considering the particularities of your chosen community to its interplay and relationship with outside communities. -What is the community’s broader context? -How does this community fit into a larger picture?