BIO 100 Assignment Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt

In this paperwork of BIO 100 Assignment Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt you will find the answers on the next questions:

Answer the following questions: Appendix G 1. According to the introduction in Appendix G, what three things must you do before starting the lab? Obtain hard copies of all laboratory materials. Turn off pop-up blocker in internet explorer. Finally go on line and read the introductory material concerning the lab.2. What are the two major sections of the lab assignment? The two major sections are discovery study and metrics experiment.3. What does the red text signify? The red text represents solutions to the metrics experiment questions.Appendix H: LeafLab Report1. What is the purpose of the LeafLab Report? The purpose of the report is to make a presentation of the results of the LeafLab experiment2. What are the three major sections of the LeafLab Report? These sections are Information, discovery and synopsis.3. What are two points you must address in the lab summary? Give a brief laboratory synopsis of the important principles and the overriding purpose. Discuss difficult portions of the lab.

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