Burglary in your State (Texas)

Burglary in Your State

Research your state’s burglary statute(s).  Discuss the following:

1.         How does the statute distinguish dwellings from other types of structures?  

2.         Does it include burglary of a vehicle?  

3.         Does it include coin operated machines?  

4.         Is the punishment for the burglary of a dwelling different than for the burglary of another type of structure such as a business?

5.         Does the statute differentiate between a person and/or a nonperson type of burglary?

6.         What factors will cause the charge of burglary to be enhanced to aggravated burglary?


Make sure you identify the state and the statute numbers within the body of your paper.  

*  Your paper should be a minimum of 4 full pages in length;

*  1-inch margins;

*  Double-spaced;

*  12 point font in Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman;

*  Include a Cover Sheet and a References page;

*  APA formatte