Business communication recording and essay

This assignment consists of two parts: a commercial recording, and an essay to demonstrate your understanding of the variables of effective delivery. Part I must be completed and submitted before you complete and submit Part II. It is very important that you use the key terms in your answers and that you refer to the important concepts from the lesson and textbook in your answers. Writing only your own ideas will make it difficult to assess your learning of the lesson content.

Read Part I and Part II carefully before you start your work.

Part I.

Read the directions for this assignment carefully before you begin work on it. Make sure to ask any questions that you may have about this system.

  1. Part I must be completed before Part II. Do not submit Part II until Part I has been completed and submitted.
  2. Select a radio or television commercial that is approximately 30 to 60 seconds in length. You will need to have a written copy of most of the words in the commercial for this assignment. You may also select a popular commercial using YouTube, or another video sharing network. The commercial can be on any topic that is appropriate for a college assignment and for the academic environment. If you are unsure of your choice, please contact your instructor ahead of time.) It is important that the message in this commercial is based primarily on spoken words and not on images, since the focus of this assignment is on delivery, voice, and language adaptation.
  3. Prepare to orally present the commercial three times (in one recording) each with a different emotion. The three emotional situations you use for your commercial needs to be selected from the following four possible emotional situations.
    1. You are angry.
    2. You are excited.
    3. You are afraid.
    4. You are unhappy.

    Each emotional situation will demonstrate the differences you decide to make in volume, rate, pitch, and language adaptation. This is an extemporaneous speaking task. Please do not read word-for-word or memorize the message. This will be evident in your voice and delivery.

    To save your work, you must press the Save File button after you’ve recorded your last response.

  4. Make notecards that contain the essential words from the original message. Practice speaking your three messages by making decisions about how you will change your volume, rate, and pitch depending on which of the three situations you choose. You should also make minor language adaptations in the messages to add emphasis to align with the emotional situation. For more information on language adaptation see pages 373-376 in your textbook.
  5. After completing Part I, please continue to complete Part II, which is an essay reflecting on Part I. Your grade for Lesson 10 Commercial Recording and Essay Assignment will be based on your work in Part I and Part II.

If you see sound waves in the box below, you are ready to record. If you do not see any sound waves, please check to make sure your microphone or headset is properly connected.

Part II.

The answer to the essay question should be approximately 3-4 paragraphs long. Your responses should be written in complete sentences, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Please type your essay in a Word document and then paste your essay below in the space provided.

  1. Step 3 in DECIDE is “Create message” and Step 5 in DECIDE is “Deliver message.” First, explain the decisions you made for volume, rate, pitch, and language adaptation when you were planning to deliver each of the three messages. Second, based on the content from this lesson, what do you now notice about the delivery in the commercials that you hear every day? What decisions would you make to add to your excited delivery to persuade or motivate your listeners? Why?