COMM3073 Communication For General Arts

COMM3073 Communication For General Arts

E-Mail: Scheduling Appointments to Interview a New Project Manager. Using the e-mail template posted for you under contents on FOL, please respond to thescenario below.


You’re frustrated! Your boss, Shaun Rosen, has scheduled three appointments to interview applicants for the position of project manager. All of these appointments are for Wednesday,October 16. However, he now must travel to Halifax on that weekend. He asks you to reschedule all the appointments for one week later. He also wants a brief summary of the background of each candidate. Despite your frustration, you call each person and are lucky enough to arrange these times. Carol Chan, who has been project manager for nine years with Piedmont Corporation, agrees to come at 10:30 a.m., Richard Blake, who is a systems analyst and a consultant to many companies, will come at 11:30. Laura Lee, who has an M.A. degree and six years of experience as senior project coordinator at High Point Industries, will come at 9:30 a.m. You’re wondering whether Mr. Rosen forgot to include Hilary Lu, operations personnel officer, in these interviews. Ms. Lu usually is part of the selection process.


Write an e-mail to Mr. Rosen including all the vital information he needs. Remember to use the e-mail template provided for you under Contents on FOL. Remember too to use graphic highlighting when possible. Again, please review the assessment criteria on FOL (e-mail grading sheet) before typing your email).

COMM3073 Communication For General Arts

FDN015 Sports And Exercise Science

FDN015 Sports And Exercise Science


Purpose Of The Assessment

This assignment looks at you in relation to your professional sector, you will explore and analyse your sector and reflect on your own skills in relation to what you learn.

Learning Outcomes addressed by this assignment:

a) Use sources of information relevant to employability, personal development and professional networks in order to analyse professional skills and opportunities.

b) Undertake self-analysis and reflection to evaluate preparedness for employment and create a personal development action plan.

c) Apply examples of own personal and professional development to a specific professional context.

Assessment Tasks

The assignment will be in the form of a workbook (template will be provided) where you will include the following evidence:

1. Sector Analysis (academic, referenced) 

An academic piece of writing that analyses the sector that you intend to be working in. You will be expected to explore around your area of work and to be critical in your evaluation of the sector and your place in it. 

2. Reflective statement on skills development . You will be expected to evaluate your current skill level and critically reflect using one of the cycles (Gibbs etc), on your own strengths and areas for improvement in a personal and professional context.

3. Action plan (GANNT chart) This is a project management tool which you will construct to show how you plan to develop your skills and employability over the module. Full guidance on how to produce this will be given in class. This should be done in Excel or MS Project 
FDN015 Sports And Exercise Science

CRIJ 3300 Applied Research Methods

CRIJ 3300 Applied Research Methods

The actual paper should be written in narrative form using APA format (i.e., full sentences, full paragraphs). This paper should be from 5 – 9 pages long. The paper should include each of the following sections. The sections should all begin with a bold-faced, centered heading.

1. Research question: In this section, you will tell me what your research question is. That is, what are you proposing to study?

a. Remember, that this is a survey project. Hence, you must create a research question that can be answered using a survey.

b. Remember that surveys are good at capturing opinions, perceptions, etc.

c. Some research questions will have independent and dependent variables (e.g., “Are UTEP students that were raised by drug using parents more likely to smoke marijuana?”; “Are former victims of crime more likely to own guns?”). Other research questions are exploratory and will not have independent and dependent variables (e.g., “How do UTEP students feel about gun control?”; How should sex offenders be treated after release from prison?”).

d. For questions with independent and dependent variables, you must state a hypothesis or hypotheses.

2. Population of interest: In this section you will tell me the population that you are interested in finding something out about? For instance, is it all Americans? Is it all Texans? All El Paso residents? All college students? Etc.

a. Remember that the population is the group that you are trying to find something about out. The sample is the group that you are actually surveying.

3. Units of analysis: In this section, you will tell me what units of analysis will your proposed study examine. Individuals, Groups, Social Organizations, or Social Artifacts?

4. Variables of interest: This section will likely be 1-3 pages long. Here you will tell me:

a. What variables you will be collecting data on. If you have independent and dependent variables, clearly identify them. Also identify any control variables in your study—that is, variables that may have some influence on your results. Common control variables include demographic ones such as age, race, gender, and social class.

b. The key part of this section is for you to provide conceptual definitions of your variables. Do not assume that I know how YOU conceptualize these variables. Provide a clear definition of each variable so that I know exactly how you do and do not define them.

c. You should also note which of the survey measures relate to your variables.

d. Example: “In the present study I define drug use as the use of an illicit drug such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, as well as the use of prescription drugs in a manner not prescribed or the use of prescription drugs prescribed to other individuals. Survey questions 7-15 are measures of this variable.”

5. Prior research/Rationale and Background: For this section, you must find four outside sources that cover either your proposed topic/research question or something related to it. You must then provide short reviews of this literature that are 1-2 paragraphs long.

a. The four sources must be academic/scholarly sources. Websites, popular magazines, blogs, vlogs, newspapers, etc. do not count. Articles from peer-reviewed journals and books are appropriate.

b. The book assigned for the course does not count as an outside source.

c. I recommend going to Google Scholar and typing in your topic as the search terms. Most of the sources that come up are acceptable for this assignment. If on campus, there will likely be hyperlinks to the materials to the right of the respective articles that will take to a webpage wherein you can download them. If off campus you can go to this webpage and download the UTEP VPN onto your computer. Then connect through the VPN and you will be able to gain access to sources just as if you were on campus.

6. Sampling strategy: In this section you will tell me what sampling strategy you are going to use.

a. State what sampling strategy are you going to use.

b. Describe the sampling method.

c. Describe why it is appropriate to use.

7. Threats to validity: Discuss any potential threats to validity that your study design may face.

a. State at least two threats to validity that may affect the results of your proposed study.

b. Define these threats to validity.

8. Ethical issues: Discuss any ethical issues the proposed study may face and how you are planning to eliminate and/or minimize them.

a. Describe one or more ethical issues you may have to consider.

b. Describe what measures you would include in the study to counter these ethical issues.
CRIJ 3300 Applied Research Methods

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work

General Knowledge Questions:

1.Why is gathering requirements important in project management? Identify and describe 5 reasons.

2.People who are involved in or affected by project activities are? (underline the correct response)
a.project mangers
b.project stakeholders
c.project steering committee
d.organisational employees

3.Who could be the project sponsor? (underline the correct response)
a.a company financially supporting then project
b.a group of company stakeholders
c.a key stakeholder who is responsible for reporting on the outcomes of the project
d.a key stakeholder who has developed the idea for the project and is responsible to make funds available for the project

4.What are the benefits of Quality Assurance over Quality Control?

5. Sometimes it may be important to compress your project schedule. Describe two techniques that could be applied to compress a project schedule. Clearly identify why each might be required and what effect they will have on project cost/time/quality,

6.The project Control Change Process could require two approval points. Explain the reason for this approach.

7.What is the difference between residual risk and a risk contingency?

8.A project expected duration is 12 months and the current budget (BAC) is $240,000. The planned value profile for this project is linear (spending is the same month after month). After seven months the project figures are: CPI=0.9, SPI=0.95. Calculate the project Actual Cost (AC) after 7 months.
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work

Analyze the case according to Kant’s Ethics, part

Analyze the case according to Kant’s Ethics, part

Analyze the case according to Kant’s Ethics, particularly the concepts of universalizability and respect for persons. For example, what moral duties are involved in the case? Is acting for the sake of one’s duty all that matters or should one consider the potential consequences of one’s actions as well?

Your explanations should have reasons that support them and make specific references to the Burnor and Raley text.

When Sally’s father was gravely ill, he called her to his bedside and said, “I’d always hoped to see you graduate from college and go on to become a physicist, but I know death is near. Promise me one thing–that you’ll keep on studying hard and become a physicist.” Sally was deeply moved. “I will,” she responded; “I swear to you I will.” Her father died shortly thereafter. Now it is two years later, and sally is ready to graduate from college. But she will not become a physicist. She has decided to go to law school.


EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz

EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz

This work of EXP 105 Week 4 Quiz shows the solutions to the following questions:

1. Select the sentence that does not have a pronoun-antecedent error.

2. Object pronouns include you, she, he, it, and we.

3. Select the sentence that has correct pronoun usage.

4. The indefinite pronouns both, few, many, and several are always plural in meaning.

5. Select the sentence that has correct pronoun usage.

6. Select the sentence that does not have a pronoun-antecedent error.

7. Select the sentence that has correct pronoun usage.

8. Subject pronouns include me, her, him, and them.

9. Select the sentence that does not have a pronoun-antecedent error.

10. The indefinite pronouns all, any, more, most, and some are always singular in meaning.


SOC 100 Week 4 DQs

SOC 100 Week 4 DQs

This file of SOC 100 Week 4 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Name some formal organizations and groups. What function do they serve in the community?

DQ 2: How do urban and rural communities differ in the formality of their norms and the strictness with which they are enforced?

DQ 3: What are some problems various communities experience? What are some short-term and long-term effects of the problems?

DQ 4: How do urban and rural communities differ in the formality of their norms and the strictness with which they are enforced?