Economics Term Papers

Economics Term Papers

Economics term papers merely require the student or writer to gather accurate data and use it to answer or solve the economic issue in question. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. However, most economics students face multiple challenges when writing economics term papers because they disregard the essence of the writing protocol. Whether you are writing an economics term paper on fundamental economics, microeconomics, or international economics, there is a protocol to adhere to. It is the step by step guide on how to write economics term papers. Despite its significance, most students disregard it because some guides tend to be vague or inaccurate, or a student does not want to read it.

A Concise Guide on How to Write Economics Term Papers

You have to use the distinctive economics term paper guideline if you want to get straight A’s or B’s in this task. Here is a concise guide that you can use to guide you in this task:

  • Choose a topic. If your instructor never assigned you a theme, choose one and focus on it primarily. Students tend to get lost in the middle of one task because they wanted an irrelevant, wrong, or non-researchable topic. Always seek professional help or your instructor’s advice if you have trouble developing the economics term paper topic.
  • Research widely. The study will equip you with content for your economics term paper. Ensure that you stay within the scope of your prompt, to avoid now researching on general and unnecessary things. Also remember to use peer-reviewed, accurate and current materials to base your research.
  • Come up with a draft. You have to create an outline if you want to ace this assignment. An overview will help you prioritize your points, as well as structure your economics term paper accordingly. Always create a draft using the material you have obtained from research and before the writing stage.
  • Write your economics term paper. There are several things you need to take note of when writing th term paper. One of them is the formatting style. Ensure you know what formatting style to use, and that you structure your paper in that style. Also, write your citations and references in this writing style. The second thing to note is the format. Use the required format or that which is required by the instructor. You can consult with them before writing if they never specified on a format.
  • Revise your economics term paper to ensure it contains no errors. You do not want any mistakes in your economics term paper because they reduce the quality and credibility of your content. Therefore, spend quality time in this stage as you look for errors of every kind in your paper.

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MANG3046-Managing Innovation

MANG3046-Managing Innovation

Coursework Brief:

An individual report based on an analysis of a new innovation. The deadline is Friday 6th December at 16:00. This will be weighted at 40% of the overall module marks. The word limit is 1800 words. You are required to write an analysis of a NEW product, service or process innovation. Your choice of innovation must have been announced, implemented or released to market since September 1st 2018 (i.e. it should be fairly new). Your report should:

1. Introduce the innovation, discussing it in terms of the market context.

2. Classify and analyse the type of innovation (e.g. incremental, radical, other).

3. Analyse the key factors likely to contribute to its success or failure. Apply suitable innovation tools and theory to this analysis. 

Confirm the choice with your tutor before you proceed. Your selection should be unique. Multiple people may not choose the same innovation. 

Some Key Questions arising from the Learning Outcomes This is not an exhaustive or a mandatory list, but some suggested questions to help you think around the nature of your chosen innovation: 

• What is the nature, origin and context of the innovation?

• Who is it for, and what differentiates it?

• Is it a Product, a Service, Platform, Technology or something else?

• What were the key environmental factors leading to the innovation?

• How does this innovation align with company strategy?

• Discuss any potential for, or demonstration of, competitive advantage 

Additional Guidance Students who achieved high marks in previous years typically did some or all of the following:

• Clearly described their innovation in the context of the current market

• Discussed what was novel or unique – not just a description of a product

• Made good use of evidence (e.g. industry articles, product reviews)

• Produced a fluent storyline / narrative

• Offered clear presentation with appropriate figures and pictures 

MANG3046-Managing Innovation

BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics

BBEK1103 Principle Of Microeconomics


The purpose of this assignment is to develop learners’ ability to apply the concepts of demand, supply, and elasticity for a product in the market.


Learners are required to choose ONE product that is available in Malaysia. Discuss the factors that determine the demand and supply of the chosen product. Determine the type the elasticity for the product and why is it so.

BBEK1103 Principle Of Microeconomics

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

Using the EXCEL template provided, prepare a set of work papers – separate sheets within you EXCEL document as indicated. Include detailed explanations about whether each item is assessable income or gives rise to an allowable deduction. Show all workings, explain why you have treated items as you have, and provide appropriate authority for your decisions by referencing sections of the legislation, case law and/or income tax rulings. Your work papers need to be complete so that they can be reviewed by your supervisor and relied upon in the event of any future audit. They should also be reconciled and cross-referenced to reporting labels on the income tax return.

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

MGT 322 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Obstacles

MGT 322 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Obstacles

In this document of MGT 322 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Obstacles to Supply Chain Integration you’ll find reply to this question:

Some of the key issues in supply chain management are obstacles to process integration along the supply chain. Using Table 13.2 in Chapter 13, identify one obstacle that you have encountered in your experience, and how that obstacle could have been avoided. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.


FIS 240 Week 5 DQs

FIS 240 Week 5 DQs

This archive file of FIS 240 Week 5 DQs consists of:

DQ 1: In an efficient market, investors incorporate all relevant information into buy-sell decisions. Can markets be efficient if investors do not have financial knowledge and skills?

DQ 2: Using University Library, find a recent article on behavioral finance. Briefly summarize the article. What does behavioral finance suggest about market efficiency?


Question #1 : Describe your own personal “Disaster Recovery Plan”.

Question #1 : Describe your own personal “Disaster Recovery Plan”.

Question #1 : Describe your own personal “Disaster Recovery Plan”. How would you deal with loss of personal data contained on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. (500 words)

Question #2: Use your favorite internet search engine to search for “Disaster Recovery Planning” and/or “Business Continuity Planning”. List four websites that you find (include links please), identify the purpose of the site (is it for general information, is it trying to sell you a service, etc.) and include a paragraph for each site that summarizes the type of information at the site.

Points to be taken:

1. No plagiarism

2. Mention the links / references

3. APA Format


CJA 474 Week 4 DQs

CJA 474 Week 4 DQs

This pack of CJA 474 Week 4 DQs comprises:

DQ 1: Discuss the role of politics in criminal justice organizations. Is politics critical to these organizations and, if so, how should it be controlled? Discuss the role of politics in criminal justice organizations.

DQ 2: Is politics critical to these organizations and, if so, how should it be controlled?

DQ 3: Distinguish between power and authority. Do you believe the foundation of criminal justice organizations is power or authority? Explain why. Provide examples in everyday criminal justice life that reflect the differences between these concepts. Distinguish between power and authority.

DQ 4: Do you believe the foundation of criminal justice organizations is power or authority? Explain why.

DQ 5: Provide examples in everyday criminal justice life that reflect the differences between these concepts.


Final Project Scenario You are an economist for the Vanda-Laye Corporation, which produces

Final Project Scenario You are an economist for the Vanda-Laye Corporation, which produces

Assignment 2: Final Project: Part 3

Final Project Scenario

You are an economist for the Vanda-Laye Corporation, which produces and distributes outdoor cooking supplies. The company has come under new ownership and management and will be undergoing changes in its product lines and operating structure. As an economist, your responsibilities include examining the market factors that affect success or failure of a product, including the supply and demand for the product, market conditions, and the behavior of competitors with similar products.

The new management has identified several possible investments for the coming year. It has asked you and your team to evaluate the possibilities and make a recommendation to the board of directors. Jorge has identified two mutually exclusive opportunities (Investment A) and two independent opportunities (Investment B) and assigned you the task of making a recommendation on the investments.

Investment A

Your company would like to increase its product lines. Two alternatives are available, a new line of outdoor smokers and a new line of outdoor grills. The two lines are mutually exclusive, meaning that only one of these investment alternatives can be selected. The projected cash flows and their respective probabilities for each alternative are given in the table. There are three possible levels of demand and their corresponding probabilities, which depend on the state of the economy.

Click here to download the table for Investment A.

The two alternatives carry equal risk and should be evaluated at the company’s cost of capital. The cost for the new smoker line will be $7,000,000. Also, the company has been guaranteed a buyer for the new line at the end of the fifth year. The buyer has agreed to purchase the new line for $7,900,000. The outdoor grill alternative will cost $3,987,000 and also has a guaranteed buyer, who has agreed to pay $4,000,000 at the end of the fifth year.

Investment B

Investment B involves two independent investment opportunities. The decisions on these two investment alternatives are also independent of Investment A. Investment B-1 involves a new packaging machine, which will eliminate the need for a local firm for packaging Vanda-Laye’s products. The cost of this machine will be $24,000, and the expected revenues from this opportunity are given in the table and are considered to be of average risk. Investment B-2 is the purchase of a new computer system that will allow the company to sell its products on the Internet worldwide. The cost of this new system will be $29,000, with the expected cash flows after taxes given in the table.

Click here to download the table for Investment B.

Jorge has asked you to provide detailed responses to the following:

Management of Vanda-Laye has determined that the capital structure of the company will involve 30% debt and 70% common equity. This structure will be used to finance all investments by the company. Currently, the company can sell new bonds at par, with a coupon rate of 7%. Any new common stock can be sold for $45, with a required return (or cost) of 15.57%. Using Microsoft Excel, calculate the company’s cost of capital to be used in the evaluation of possible investment projects. For Investment A: Using Microsoft Excel, create a decision tree. Indicate the various levels of demand and their respective probabilities. Also, include the calculations for the expected cash flows. Calculate the expected NPV for each alternative. Explain the decision rules for making a selection between the two alternatives on the basis of the expected NPV. Assuming the two alternatives are mutually exclusive, specify which alternative you would recommend to the company. Explain why. If the two alternatives were independent of each other, specify which project you would select. Would you accept both projects if funding were available for both? Explain your answer. For Investment B: Using Microsoft Excel, calculate the NPV for each alternative. Using the decision-making criteria for the NPV, specify which alternative you would select if the two alternatives were mutually exclusive. Explain your answer. Given that the two alternatives are independent of each other, specify which investment you would select, if not both. Explain your answer. Using Microsoft Excel, calculate the IRR for each investment. Using the decision-making criteria for the IRR, specify which alternative you would prefer. Explain your answer. If funding were available, specify whether you would select both investments. Why or why not? Calculate the profitability index (PI) for the two investments. Which project is preferred? Determine whether there is a ranking conflict present in terms of the IRR and the NPV. Explain your answer. If a conflict does exist, explain how you would resolve the situation.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

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Outdoor Grill























Cash Flows

Packaging Machine

Computer System