Economics Term Papers

Economics Term Papers

Economics term papers merely require the student or writer to gather accurate data and use it to answer or solve the economic issue in question. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. However, most economics students face multiple challenges when writing economics term papers because they disregard the essence of the writing protocol. Whether you are writing an economics term paper on fundamental economics, microeconomics, or international economics, there is a protocol to adhere to. It is the step by step guide on how to write economics term papers. Despite its significance, most students disregard it because some guides tend to be vague or inaccurate, or a student does not want to read it.

A Concise Guide on How to Write Economics Term Papers

You have to use the distinctive economics term paper guideline if you want to get straight A’s or B’s in this task. Here is a concise guide that you can use to guide you in this task:

  • Choose a topic. If your instructor never assigned you a theme, choose one and focus on it primarily. Students tend to get lost in the middle of one task because they wanted an irrelevant, wrong, or non-researchable topic. Always seek professional help or your instructor’s advice if you have trouble developing the economics term paper topic.
  • Research widely. The study will equip you with content for your economics term paper. Ensure that you stay within the scope of your prompt, to avoid now researching on general and unnecessary things. Also remember to use peer-reviewed, accurate and current materials to base your research.
  • Come up with a draft. You have to create an outline if you want to ace this assignment. An overview will help you prioritize your points, as well as structure your economics term paper accordingly. Always create a draft using the material you have obtained from research and before the writing stage.
  • Write your economics term paper. There are several things you need to take note of when writing th term paper. One of them is the formatting style. Ensure you know what formatting style to use, and that you structure your paper in that style. Also, write your citations and references in this writing style. The second thing to note is the format. Use the required format or that which is required by the instructor. You can consult with them before writing if they never specified on a format.
  • Revise your economics term paper to ensure it contains no errors. You do not want any mistakes in your economics term paper because they reduce the quality and credibility of your content. Therefore, spend quality time in this stage as you look for errors of every kind in your paper.

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MANG3046-Managing Innovation

MANG3046-Managing Innovation

Coursework Brief:

An individual report based on an analysis of a new innovation. The deadline is Friday 6th December at 16:00. This will be weighted at 40% of the overall module marks. The word limit is 1800 words. You are required to write an analysis of a NEW product, service or process innovation. Your choice of innovation must have been announced, implemented or released to market since September 1st 2018 (i.e. it should be fairly new). Your report should:

1. Introduce the innovation, discussing it in terms of the market context.

2. Classify and analyse the type of innovation (e.g. incremental, radical, other).

3. Analyse the key factors likely to contribute to its success or failure. Apply suitable innovation tools and theory to this analysis. 

Confirm the choice with your tutor before you proceed. Your selection should be unique. Multiple people may not choose the same innovation. 

Some Key Questions arising from the Learning Outcomes This is not an exhaustive or a mandatory list, but some suggested questions to help you think around the nature of your chosen innovation: 

• What is the nature, origin and context of the innovation?

• Who is it for, and what differentiates it?

• Is it a Product, a Service, Platform, Technology or something else?

• What were the key environmental factors leading to the innovation?

• How does this innovation align with company strategy?

• Discuss any potential for, or demonstration of, competitive advantage 

Additional Guidance Students who achieved high marks in previous years typically did some or all of the following:

• Clearly described their innovation in the context of the current market

• Discussed what was novel or unique – not just a description of a product

• Made good use of evidence (e.g. industry articles, product reviews)

• Produced a fluent storyline / narrative

• Offered clear presentation with appropriate figures and pictures 

MANG3046-Managing Innovation

BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics

BBEK1103 Principle Of Microeconomics


The purpose of this assignment is to develop learners’ ability to apply the concepts of demand, supply, and elasticity for a product in the market.


Learners are required to choose ONE product that is available in Malaysia. Discuss the factors that determine the demand and supply of the chosen product. Determine the type the elasticity for the product and why is it so.

BBEK1103 Principle Of Microeconomics

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

Using the EXCEL template provided, prepare a set of work papers – separate sheets within you EXCEL document as indicated. Include detailed explanations about whether each item is assessable income or gives rise to an allowable deduction. Show all workings, explain why you have treated items as you have, and provide appropriate authority for your decisions by referencing sections of the legislation, case law and/or income tax rulings. Your work papers need to be complete so that they can be reviewed by your supervisor and relied upon in the event of any future audit. They should also be reconciled and cross-referenced to reporting labels on the income tax return.

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

This assignment will assess the competency 5.

This assignment will assess the competency 5.

This assignment will assess the competency 5. Distinguish the fundamental concepts associated with electronic commerce and processing systems.

Directions: Prepare a 1-2 page written report which examines current trends in e-commerce technology, infrastructure, and development. Include the key technology infrastructure components in your paper. Also include web server software, e-commerce software, technology for mobile commerce, and electronic payment systems.

This assignment needs to have the following:

• A cover page (includes student’s name, date, class title, and assignment title)

• Paper needs to be 1-2 pages (minimum 1 full page), 12 point font, double spaced, and writing is grammatically correct

• A reference page (If you are referencing information from a textbook or other source, then an APA formatted citation and reference page are necessary)


computerized accounting in the cloud chapter 3

computerized accounting in the cloud chapter 3 waren sports supply as the company in the Microsoft dynamics gp drop down menu

a. what is the credit limit for the customer university of Sothern Iowa?

b. what is the street address for the employee Jim Adams?

c. when was the fixed asset “inventory handling system” acquired and what was the acquisition cost of that cost?

d. why do you believe there is no address or credit limit for the customer CASHCUSTOMER?

Q.3-2. fabrikam

a. What is the account number for the debit to terms discount taken for a sale to the customer continental properties?

b. attempt to delete the customer leisure & travel consultants. What is the message on the screen when you attempt to delete it?

c. why do you believe the control preventing you from deleting this customer exists?

d. explain why it is important to be sure you want to delete any account before you do so.

e. how many general ledger cash accounts does fabrikam have that are dedicated to specific countries?

f. what is the commission rate for the salesperson , Nancy Buchanan? How much did she earn in commission in February 2017?

Q.3-3. what document is the person processing sales transactions entries likely to use to obtain the customer name, product, products shipped, and quantity shipped? 


ACC 300 Week 2 Individual Assignment Accounting Equation paper

ACC 300 Week 2 Individual Assignment Accounting Equation paper

In this file you will find overview of the work ACC 300 Week 2 Individual Assignment Accounting Equation paper

Write a 350-word essay describing the accounting equation.

Include how the accounting equation relates to the components of the balance sheet,

Provide examples that show how the components of the accounting equation affect each other and how transactions affect the accounting equation.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


ACC 490 Week 3 DQs


This file of ACC 490 Week 3 DQs includes:

DQ1: Why do auditors have to consider the internal controls of the organization? What are some key elements of internal control? Which are the most important? How will the auditor have to modify the audit program if the internal controls are deemed inadequate to support management assertions?

DQ2: How are the analytical procedures used in an audit engagement? What premise underlies the use of analytical procedures in auditing? What sources of information can an auditor use to develop expectations? Please provide examples.

DQ3: What are the two types of audit tests? What are some examples of each of these two types of tests? How will the auditor use the data gathered from these tests?


SOC 300 wk 3 disc, business and finance homework help

SOC 300 wk 3 disc, business and finance homework help

Define the term “service economy.” In about a paragraph, carefully describe America’s service economy and discuss one of the consequences that the recent shift to a service economy has had on American workers. In another paragraph or so, try to summarize the historical role of labor organizing (unionizing) in capitalist economies. What have been union goals, and have they accomplished these goals? Provide evidence from the text or peer-reviewed sources to support your argument.

Your initial/main post should be posted by Thursday. You should include at least two substantive posts to classmates by Sunday.

Respond to two or more of your classmates’ postings in any of the following ways:

  • Build on something a classmate said
  • Explain why and how you see things differently
  • Ask a probing or clarifying question
  • Share an insight from having read a classmate’s posting
  • Offer and support an opinion
  • Expand on a classmate’s posting

Refer to the discussion grading rubric for more information on expectations of class discussions.