Chinese Nationalist/Fascist leader who helped lead the Northern Expedition.

Chinese Nationalist/Fascist leader who helped lead the Northern Expedition. He also orchestrated a plot to kill all communist leaders in China but ultimately failed during the civil war and was forced into exile at Taiwan.

2 Communist Leader during the Chinese Civil War. Escaped the massacre at Shanghai to lead his people on the “Long March.” His eventual victory turned china into a Communist country in 1949 which it still remains to this day.

3 During the month of July in 1914 the German government essentially gave Austria-Hungary the right to do as they pleased with Serbia based on the assassination of the Archduke. This is referred to as:

Real Politik

The Monroe Doctrine

The Wilhelm Corollary

The Blank Check


4 George Kennan’s sixteen-page cable (Long Telegram) from Moscow in 1946 said that

conflict with the Soviet Union was inevitable, so the USA should, if at all possible, invade Russia and halt its expansionistic tendencies

the Soviet Union was interested mainly in securing its borders, so the USA should encourage its domination of Eastern Europe

the focus of world communism was shifting to China so the USA should abandon its interest in Eastern Europe

conflict with the Soviet Union was inevitable due to its deeply rooted fear of western intellect and technology and lack of an ability to reason, so the USA should pursue a firm policy to contain communism

5 German society in the 1930s did all of the following except

Teach children in schools German superiority and how to calculate bombing runs

Teach its citizens through propaganda that the decline of German society was due to Jews and communism

Encourage mothers to have as many children as possible

Orient Catholic and Lutheran church sermons toward NAZI propaganda

Encourage its Jewsih residents to open businesses and health clinics

6 Germany during World War I conducted unrestricted U-Boat warfare because:

British blockade of the North Sea trade routes

World trade in food and armaments to Britain and France

The war had become a stalemate and any way to break through the impasse was welcome

Civilian transport ships such as the Lusitania were carrying arms and troops to their enemies

All of the above

7 Germany lost WWII primarily because she:

invaded the vast geographical entity of the USSR and lost the battle of Stalingrad

declared war on the USA which brought massive industrial power to the war

capricious and poor leadership on the part of Adolf Hitler

all of the above

8 Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as targets because

they were militarily strategic due to their munitions factories

they were clean cities, being sparred earlier bombings and would offer a glimpse of the destructive power of the new weapons

The bombing would be destructive which would push the Japanese to seek peace thus saving American lives

none of the above

9 Law imposed by Adolf Hitler that allowed Hitler to rule as a dictator after 1933.

10 Law imposed by Mussolini that guaranteed his Fascist power in the Italian government and which allowed himself to rule as a dictator as long as his Fascist political party held 25% of the seats in the Italian Parliament.

11 Passivist leader of India who was the spiritual head of Indian independence and helped force the British to give up power through civil disobedience.

12 This person led the communist revolution in Russia in 1917. He was the architect of Russian Communism and believed that the communist movement should be led by a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” He died in 1923 after a series of strokes.