Computer Science CSCI 109

Module 6 – Assignment: Spreadsheet Budget and Chart Analysis

For this assignment, you will create a budget and chart analysis for a fictitious business. Its purpose is for you to learn best practices for utilizing spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.). The final product will consist of two parts: a budget and a chart.

Spreadsheet Budget Analysis and Chart Parameters:

  • The budget must detail at least four expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) and show income (sales, etc.) for at least four months. Display on a single sheet. List the months in a single row horizontally.
  • Each expense and month should be appropriately labeled.
  • The spreadsheet must use at least four different functions/ formulas (to total, add, subtract, divide, etc.)Must have a total column and total row for expenses and income. Use a function here with cell ranges.Must have a row that has a formula showing net income after expenses. Use a formula here.Include cells that show the average and also maximum total monthly expenses. Must use a function for these.
  • Include an appropriate column chart showing only net income for each month. Must include month names on the horizontal axis and legend (Net Income).