Consider the following reaction: CO2(g)+CCl4(g)2COCl2(g) Calculate G for this reaction at25 Cunder these conditions: P CO2 = 0.140 atm P CCl4 = 0.185…

Consider the following reaction:


Calculate ΔG for this reaction at25 ∘Cunder these conditions:

PCO2 = 0.140 atm

PCCl4 = 0.185 atm

PCOCl2 = 0.760 atm

ΔG∘f for CO2(g) is −394.4kJ/mol, ΔG∘f for CCl4(g) is −62.3kJ/mol, and ΔG∘f for COCl2(g) is −204.9kJ/mol


Express the energy change in kilojoules per mole to one decimal place.