Critical analysis of how clinical psychology is portrayed in the media

 You are to choose a specific example of a portrayal or discussion of clinical psychology or clinical psychologists from a movie, news article, TV show, or popular book, etc. 5-page paper will be a critical analysis of how the profession is viewed by the media. Is it accurate? Are there certain misperceptions and misunderstandings of clinical psychologists and what they do? How do these misunderstandings impact the profession and those who seek help from clinical psychologists? Please consider these: 1) Consider how realistic or unrealistic the portrayal is in relation to what you have learned about the practice of clinical psychology (e.g., are clinical psychologists portrayed as dangerous, untrustworthy, unprincipled, or criminal? How likely do you think it would be for a psychologist to actually behave this way?) 2) Discuss the example (e.g., film, TV show) in relation to the code of ethics (e.g., Does the portrayal show psychologists as acting unethically and if so, what specific parts of the Canadian Code of Ethics are violated? In what way is this a problem for the profession?) Describe a plan for how psychologists could address these misperceptions at an organizational level (e.g., what could CPA do? How do we change these perceptions?)