“Cryptography”  Please respond to the following:

  • Considering that, due to its extremely sensitive nature, shared data that organizations transmit through collaboration must be kept confidential at all costs, formulate a possible solution that utilizes symmetric or asymmetric cryptography, and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the selected solution. If you had to select one (1) of the two (2) encryption options over the other, justify the one that you would choose, and explain your reasoning.
  • From the e-Activity and your own research, give your opinion of the two (2) most important ways that you believe encryption could assist in addressing some of the current challenges facing organizations today, and explain why these solutions are so important. Justify your answer

A response is needed for the following below:  Two paragraphs

In the understanding of encryption data within the same organization, say for example the “Navy” military facility, and I use this example because it has been a greater part of my life, but in utilizing encryption on this scale you would want to choose between them both for inside the network and frame work of the base firewall and data infrastructure, you need for information to be ready in the means of communicating swiftly through the chain of command so that orders and instructions can be passed down without interruptions.  But when you have various encryption algorithms that through a wrench in this process through the process of keys not being correct on the other end to handle unencrypted or deciphers the message sent then this is where the lines of communication can get rather murky and miscommunication or the failure to communicate takes over.

By using symmetric algorithms, which is known as the secret key, this method can be used for encryption and decryption of vital data transference be it text messaging on your cell or email messages to coworkers for this secret key is accessible to everyone in the group and it is maintained within the infrastructure of the organization or the business but when you are dealing with outside forces and information has to be sent outside of the processes of your business then it is best to have an asymmetric algorithm also known as a public key which really break down into a public key and a private key which if you have transmitters who are sending data back and forth to one another whether on the other side of the world or in different states inside the same country, they are made in such a way that it is impossible for a hacker to tell which key is which.

Given the rate at which the general public is being hammered by hackers and either high or low-level cyber-thieves that work hard to still your identity and make life really difficult for those of us that work hard for a living, it is in my opinion that we should make a practice in learning the methodology of know how to encrypt our files with the highest protection against such criminal activity.  If only to protect ourselves and our identity from someone who is only seeking to steal that which you have worked hard to build.  I feel that both symmetric and asymmetric are both needed for it is not always a necessary thing to super encrypts a casual text message to a friend or family member but the vital information of the inner workings of a military structure or a huge global business network is very important.