Develop an ER, relational solution, and implementation for the case.

Develop an ER, relational solution, and implementation for the case. The ER solution need not show attributes but the relational model should use the notation used in the book to show all the attributes. Consider one or two use cases (about four entities per use case) and then implement the restricted solution in Microsoft Access or SQL Server. Show primary and foreign keys, and build the relationships. The resulting diagram can be included in the Word solution file.   


In 1993, Richard Dobrow and his wife Sherrie founded GuardTech Training in Cooper City, Florida. GuardTech occupies a suite of large office spaces in a modern office building in Cooper City. There are sixteen computer-training classrooms (numbered 1 through 16). The capacity, in students, of the rooms ranges from 10 for the smallest room up to 24 for the largest of the rooms. 


GuardTech currently employs several full-time trainers. When hired, each trainer is issued a unique number. The following additional data is stored for a trainer: name, address, up to three phone numbers, and two e-mail addresses.


The courses are identified by a 10-character code specified by Rick for each course. Most courses are one day in length, although some are two to three days, and a few are five days. Each course has a base price. 


Another important component of the courses offered by GuardTech are the course books selected for use in each course offering. A book, identified by its ISBN number, may be used in several courses. Other data for a book includes:  book title, author name(s), publisher, and catalog price. 

Book Purchase

Sherrie orders books from a variety of book vendors. For each order she places, Sherrie assigns an order number and records the date that the order was placed. A typical book order from a vendor will contain anywhere from one to 20 or so different titles. Due to variations in vendor stock levels, the orders that are placed occasionally arrive in multiple shipments. Sherrie keeps track of which books from what orders arrive in what quantity on what date. Since there are occasional discrepancies in the price charged by a vendor for a book compared to the publisher’s catalog price, she also records the actual price charged. 


The core of GuardTech’s business, of course, is the enrollment of clients for classes (also called class offerings) provided by the company. GuardTech offers over 50 different courses to its clients. GuardTech publishes a schedule of class offerings forthcoming in the next six months on its web site. From the GuardTech website, a client can register for several classes. A listing for a specific class offering includes the course, trainer, room, and date. For identification purposes, each scheduled class is also assigned a unique, sequential reference number. Sherrie is in charge of marketing efforts and, thus, carefully records information on GuardTech’s clients. Each new client is assigned a unique, sequential client number. The client’s name, address, and phone are recorded.