Due Today(Thursday) by 2 pm

Dißcussen 1

Read the article “Seating Arrangements” and address the following questions:

  1. What type of communication do you notice was used in the article?
  2. What principles of communication are involved with this issue?
  3. What elements of Higher Order Thinking (see Bloom’s Taxonomy) were used in the quote on the internet to try to solve the debate?
  4. What elements of the article do you think would work best in your household?

Hypothesize a methodology which would solve the issue equally for both genders.

Discussion 2

 One of the readings this week focused on Bob Knight and how he became famous for not only his achievements but also his passionate and demanding leadership style. He expected nothing less than the best from his players at all times.

  • From the 5 types of power we have discussed, what type of power do you think Bob Knight has and why?
  • Also discuss in detail how this power has been determined by his followers and players.