Emerging technology

Identify an article of interest about an emerging technology from a reputable internet source within the last two years (e.g. CNET, Wired, Forbes, Fortune, WSJ.com etc.). An emerging technology is one that has potential for industry application but is not yet fully exploited or widely adopted. First, at the top of your paper, state the full APA citation for the article. Reference the citation style guide posted on the UMBC Blackboard to ensure proper formatting. Note: Intentionally avoiding long articles will result in an assignment which is insufficient; therefore, please choose an article which allows you to fully examine the following points: 1. Write a summary of the entire article distilling the main ideas and primary arguments. 2. What evidence is collected and/or stated to support the author’s claims? How convincingly is it presented? Refer to least two other Internet sources which support or refute the author’s claims. In your analysis, make sure to comment on strengths and weaknesses of the article (e.g. content, structure, logic) referring to sections to substantiate your opinions. Finally, how does the article relate to one or multiple MIS concepts we have examined in the course. Discuss those relationships. Are there any new insights which can be reached?