Employee Motivation after Merger- Business Paper

DUE TOMORROW 08/06/17 AT 13:00!!! 1-2 PAGE APA PAPER!

Background Information

Air Inc., an aircraft manufacturing company, was founded in 1967. The company has been doing great with profits and it is retaining its employees and customers. Some of this success has been attributed to their outstanding leadership. Because of the recent recession, customers are not buying as much, and Air, Inc. profits have been slipping. You are the vice president of an Air Inc. The CEO calls you and the vice president of human resources in for a meeting. Your company is planning to merge with another aircraft manufacturer, Plane Inc.

You are aware of how mergers can have a negative effect on employees. You also know that unhappy, disgruntled employees don’t perform their tasks as well, can damage customer relationships, and ultimately can decrease company’s profits. You are worried about how to present this merger to the employees.


Communication with employees currently is done through an Intranet site called “What’s Up.” It’s read by most employees, but not regularly as not all always have access to a computer. A newsletter quarterly, but more communication is needed.

As the leader of your organization and this new merger, you will need to find ways to keep your employees motivated.

In a 1-2 page paper, cover the following:

  1. How will you create and sustain an environment in which motivation can occur?

  2. What will be some of the challenges in motivating your employees? How will you overcome these challenges?

  3. Will you incorporate any incentive programs? Why?

  4. Provide 2 sources.