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According to the College Board’s survey on writing in American businesses entitled “Writing: A Ticket to Work or a Ticket Out,” “th[eir] survey confirms [their] conviction that individual opportunity in the United States depends critically on the ability to present one’s thoughts coherently, cogently, and persuasively on paper.” This statement, along with The Conference Board’s claim in their report, “Are They Ready to Work,” that high school graduates and college graduates are either falling below average or are barely adequate respectively, more than suggests that America is at a crossroads in professional performance.Using both of these reports and at least two additional outside sources, write an argumentative paper that either supports or refutes the major assertion of the articles that say that written and oral communication and other communication skills (such as public speaking and critical thinking) are lacking in the American workforce, and then discuss the role of English and Communication Studies courses in both high school and colleges should play in addressing these problems.Your thesis-driven paper must be in MLA format and must fall between 6 and 8 pages (not including the Works Cited page).