Ethical leadership and ethical decision making

Ethical leadership and ethical decision making are a challenge for any organization.  Within your professional area/industry (Higher Education/Instructor/Tutor), analyze how and why ethical practices and behaviors are critical to your discipline and to the success of organizations.  Justify your response in detail with two examples of current ethical practices and discuss the key theoretical concepts and industry guidelines involved.  These examples can be from your own professional experience and through research of the literature of case studies

Support your statements and analyses with citations and other support from the academic literature.

Paper should be 6 pages excluding the reference page/ refernces used should be scholarly articles and case sudies. Access to library we be given once agreement is signed and you can also use what ever database that you may already have as well. 

No Plagerism, Authentice Work Only and Higer education writing APA with correct format in writing with in paragragh citations etc to validate. Thanks