Evaluate the importance of technology as a source of competitive advantage

1.5 line spacing?Times New Roman size 12 ? You should also clearly label any charts, tables or diagrams (and identify the source of information) used in your report?SOURCE TYPE : Government or Corporate author
Each group is required to produce an annotated bibliography on a chosen issue from the list provided in section 2. The aim of the report is NOT to provide comprehensive coverage of a topic/issue, but as a group to identify and clearly and concisely discuss useful and relevant source materials relating to the issue. The group is restricted to including one source material per member. It is important that the sources used should be presented to put forward a viewpoint on the issue. Therefore the group should consider carefully and agree on which are the most appropriate source materials to include.
The report will include:
a. a title page including the name of all team members b. a brief introduction outlining the chosen issue (including any necessary background) c. discussion of various source materials one by one. d. a conclusion which summarises the main arguments in your readings. e. a reference list f. an appendix containing the group contribution sheet and coursework declaration sheet (The appendix is required in the hard copy version only).
REQUIRED: Each group member should pick ONE source material item to write about for the report and he/she will be responsible for writing the discussion piece on this particular item for this section of the report. Each source material item should be discussed in a section of between one-to-three paragraphs (i.e. a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 words per item). In this discussion you should consider the following:
(i) topic coverage of the issue (i.e. what the source material item actually tells the reader relating to the topic area chosen or what aspects of the issue are addressed?); (ii) the writer’s viewpoint/argument/conclusions;

(iii) how useful the piece is in terms of the information provided, (i.e. how relevant is the piece and how much information is conveyed) and what evidence is put forward to support the writer’s viewpoint; and (iv) how this extends or contradicts views put forward in sources selected by other members of the group.

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