excel problems

Based on the excel file below, please answer the questions. (3 pages will be enough)

Analyze three shifts independently (view this problem as three separate problems, one for each shift).

Basic requirement for final report:

The main report should not exceed 8 pages in general. You can add appendices (to present the detailed results) if necessary, which has no page limit.

The main report should at least include three parts: (1) introduction of the problem under investigation. You should rewrite the business problem using your own language. Be concise but also be sure to include all critical information. (2) describethe critical steps it takes to analyze the problem. No need to include all the details. For instance, you can use one or two examples to illustrate the calculation for each step. (3) clearly present and discuss your results. Make conclusionsaccordingly. Your results should be presented in a way such that your manager (without taking this class) can easily understand.