Exercise # 1:

Exercise # 1:

Collect and Comment on the variability of three recent data sets describing similar processes

(could be prices of three items over the last month, demographic information related to 3 countries overlast year, etc.).

Exercise # 2:

Plot the probability mass function (PMF) and the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of 3 random variables following (1) binomial distribution [p,n], (

2) a geometric distribution [p], and

(3) Poissondistribution [????].

You have to consider two sets of parameters per distribution which can be chosen arbitrarily.

The following steps can be followed:

Setp1: Establish two sets of parameters of the distribution: For Geometric and Poisson distributions take two values of p (p1 and p2) and take two values of [????], (????1 and ????2) respectively. For the binomial you should take two values of p and two values of n, first keep p fixed and change n, in the second keep n fixed and change p.

Step 2: Generate the random variables (at least 10 values) [column 1]Step 3: Calculate the PMF [column 2] and CDF [column 3]Step 4: Plot the PMF and CDF in different graphics (It is recommended to combine the graphics while changing the parameters).Comment on how the parameters values affect the distribution