Follow the Instructions in the description

Prepare a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes (presenter notes) in which you examine the connection between the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and popular culture.

Addressthe following:

Description of the art style called Pop Art (not what Pop Art represents)

Brief overview of Andy Warhol including how and why he became an artist

Image and description of at least four pieces of art created by Warhol

Details including the following:

Overall effect of the piece

Subject(s) being depicted

Reasons subjects were chosen

Techniques, materials, and media used to create each piece.

Assignments must include an introduction and a conclusion.

Examples of art must be accompanied by the name the artist and the title of the piece of art.

Include the images in your presentation.

Use bullet points on slides, not complete sentences or statements.

Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure in presenter notes.

Use third person for presentation.

Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.