Globalization paper

Can you write this paper for me and have it done by next tuesday? Here are the guidelines.. Please advise

Prepare a four-page double-spaced article which might be published in a school newspaper or church magazine, challenging readers to make lifestyle changes on behalf of the poor in the United States and overseas. The following process is suggested:

a. Review the textbook, For They Shall Be Fed, selecting a key passage or passages, as rationale for why the readers should get involved.

b. Draw on information from Exploring World Mission and other sources to describe the need or needs to be met. (Remember that this is to be a different need than what your project team dealt with.) Demonstrate the scope of that particular need in the United States and in other countries.

c. Suggest and/or advocate some lifestyle changes which will make it possible for the readers to free up resources to meet the needs described.

d. Suggest some agencies or organizations which do what you are advocating, so the readers can know what to do with the resources available.