Go to http://www.org/#gsc. Search for Shakespeare sonnet 71 sources discussing quot;griefquot; and quot;deathquot; 3. Find FIVE sources and cite…

1. Go to http://www.jurn.org/#gsc.

2. Search for Shakespeare sonnet 71 sources discussing “grief” and “death”

3. Find FIVE sources and cite them using the MLA format. The info must be from academic sources. (I already have 4 just need one more that isn’t Tzachi)

Works cited

1. Barber, Benjamin. “Mimetic Drama in Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Byron’s Historicizing

Lyricism.”Anthropoetics 21.2 (2016): 1-8. Print

2. Martinez Lopez, Miguel.Teaching Shakespeare’s Sonnets: time as fracture in sonnets 18, 60 and 63. Granada: University of Granada, 1996. Print

3. Pecora, Jennifer, Women Mourners, Mourning “NoBody”. 6 Dec 2016. Web. 4 Nov. 2010.


4. Simpson, Lynne. “The Death Drive in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.” Humanitarian

review 8.1 (2006): 64-78. Print


Shakespeare Sonnet 71

You will have to write a paper on the theme of Sonnet 71: Death is final and grieving serves no purpose other than to make a person vulnerable to pity and ridicule (you can have a different take on this).

You must use an academic resource (Jurn.org) or any other website with academic credibility

Choose FIVE of the resources you have located and now write your Annotated Bibliography. Each annotation should be between 75-150 words.


1. Place the words Annotated Bibliography at the top of your page as a heading.

2. Arrange your five citations alphabetically and according to MLA guidelines.

3. Under each citation include your 75-150 annotation in which you:

4. Identify the type of resource you have cited (overview); 5. Identify the purpose of the resource you have cited (critical analysis); 6. identify the potential relevance to your (imaginary) paper (my purpose) of the resource you have cited.