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I like your post. I enjoyed reading your insight into the different type of ways that regulations in the healthcare field are beneficial to consumers. I agree with the statement that you said, “Regulations are important to health care managers because changes in regulations can make or break an organization. Regulations are in place for consumer protection.” The implementation of regulation in the healthcare field is mostly to protect the safety of patients. Either being a regulation that only allowed health care professional that has a certificate to perform certain procedures or to implement a law that improves healthcare delivery. I also believe that regulation in the healthcare industry can make or break you. For example, the Affordable Care Act has initially aimed to provide universal health care in the nation. But with some states that did not expand Medicaid in their states under ACA for all, and also, with the number of people that are still lacking health insurance because of their income, has shown how regulation can make or break you. The ACA regulation has also given many people the opportunity to have health insurance that has not got one before. Also, regulation can promote ethical behaviors in healthcare organizations and discourage unethical behavior.  Bottom of Form


Reading your post, I found it interesting on how you summarize economic regulation and relate it to the Affordable Care Act. Economic regulation in healthcare is put in place by the government and the board members of the organization and it is strengthening by the employees of the facility such as the healthcare managers. I like this statement “There are extensive regulations in place regarding what insurance will pay for, and what is not considered a need for a patient. With new health care policy enacted in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), regulation became a major part of health care.” Regulations in the healthcare industry change frequently. There are always rules and laws that are put in place to improve healthcare services. With the ACA, there are strict regulations that were put in place for every state to follow. Under the ACA, there are rules that each state must abide by when offering healthcare insurance to individuals. Also, the law and guidelines that each state have to follow when offering healthcare insurance through Medicaid or through the marketplace for individuals that do not qualify for Medicaid and also that cannot afford to provide private insurance based on their income. In general, healthcare regulations support and protect consumers, patients right, and workers. For the past years, under the ACA, some of the healthcare regulation that government proposed is mainly to promote healthcare delivery and to provide the best care for lower cost.