Health services continue to affect the gross domestic product, and this dramatic transformation has great demands on each dollar spent to deliver…

Health services continue to affect the gross domestic product, and this dramatic

transformation has great demands on each dollar spent to deliver patient-centered

products. Health care marketing must be repeatedly applied and practiced strategically

to include environmental dimensions, such as technology, socioeconomics, competition,

and regulatory.

That being said, in today’s global economy, investors and potential entrepreneurs must

tap into the so-called “unexplored” market. In this aspect, health care establishments

must utilize marketing, advertising, as well as sales strategies when pursuing new

customers (e.g., suppose a health care investor wanted to build a small hospital in a

rural community); this would entail exploration and logistical experimentation to

determine who will patronize the facility. In an impoverished neighborhood, the feasibility

of having lucrative profits may see diminishing returns, and so the venture may be not

worth the effort. Also, suppose that the potential investor wants to sell mosquito

deterrents (e.g., bedside netting in malaria-infested regions of Asia or Africa); then it

would be wise to investigate the number of beds that are actually in the village, and who

would be willing to purchase them. These activities take into account the investor

portfolio, as well as the feasibility of marketing and selling the product. Such exploration

also examines competitors, cultural differences, and—most important—identification of

the customer.

Identify a local health care establishment (e.g., hospital, rehabilitation center,

emergency medical center) and determine its product development practices. Utilize

concepts from previous weeks to substantiate information, as needed. You may develop

the discussion based on the ideas presented here, but feel free to inject any salient

marketing strategy that you believe might support your presentation.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:


Justify the purpose of the selected health care establishments’product(s) / service (s) and their associated 

life cycle(s).


Suggest one (1) strategy to improve the marketing mix of the selected health care establishment. Support 

your strategy by highlighting one (1) benefit of (1) portfolio analysis and providing two (2) examples that display 

differential advantages.


Assess the importance of technology in providing patients with clear and accessible information about 

health care organizations and the product(s) / service(s) that they provide.


Outline a survey to capture patients’expectations regarding the delivery and / or accessibility of 

product(s) / service(s) identified.


Use at least three (3) quality academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as 

academic resources.