help rewirting and wording the right way to express how i feel!! must be ready in 30mins

Situation 1 Im going to explanin everything that happen leading up to Yesterday 7/19/2017On May 3, 2017 I was given a cooking postution at carters Supermarket Springfiled La A worker By the name of Angie decides she no longer wants to work at carters and finds a better job at TNT seafood. My Manager (Amber) come to me and ask me if I woulkd take the opening postion I said yes knowing the hours would work best for me with my kids school scheduleSo May 4, 2017 Angie decides that TNT is not the job for her and calls Carters Supermarket and talk to Amber and askes if she can have her job back Amber does give it back to herBut Angie fills she should be put right back in the same spot she left from as the cook when Amber tells her she couldn’tBecause she had already gaveing that postion to me so. so its really like me and Angie swaped places Now Angie is madd and doing everything she cans to hurt me now its her job to help the me prepar lunch for the day as I would have do. Angie comes in and makes it clear she not helping me bynot watching the food in the oven and letting it burn when I would take my breaks, coming and doing nothing to help me perpar for lunch and I mean nothing. When I go to my Manager and explains to her everything thats going and how I feel about the situation Because I knew if I did the things that Angie was doing I would most likly get wrote up or fired.

Sitation 2 Now that Amber makes it clear she not giving that postion to Angie and now I have to deal with A manager and otherand other worker beging madd at me for no reason I would go to work say Good Morning to who ever was in the front and not hear a pin drop backthe would not eat my food as if that was going to hurt me thats you hunger alday or say thing like (Person name)s food is so much better in front ofme I guess to make me madd. NOW LET ME REMIND YOU JUNNIE CANT BOIL WATER AND MAKE IT TASTE GOOD. On July 10, 2017 I was 15mins late for worknow Angie knows its her Job to star Breakfest if i’m late I called and let her know I was going to be a lil late for work and asked her to get the food ready when I made it to worknon of the food is ready so now I have to rush and get the breakfeast out By myself and guess what nothing is said or do to Angie Why? Mr. Brains is the manager and he’s not going to tell her nothing because he wants her to have her postion back and feels as if I shouldn’t have got it anyways so now Mr. Brian Is finding anything he can to take it away On July 13, 2017 I cooked Lunch the same way I did anyday but on this day Mr. Brian feels my food is to salty now I work 5:45a 1:30p that day Mr. Brian call Junnie to the front Offices and tells her to take that B’s shit of the line as soon as she walk out them door to go home its to salty now mr. Brian came in t 1:00p all the food sold up untill 1:30. when I got off. So I go the work Friday I still don’t know anything that happen the day before its not untill Saturday another worker pulls me to the side and say you know Mr. Brian made me put your food in trash after you left I asked why she said he said it was to salty but I dont evden cook with salt on TONY’S well he said it don’t taste like everyone else cooking. I still didn’t say anything because I was waitting for Amber to tell me Now i’m off for the next 3 Day its not until Sunday When Robbie sends me the scheduleI find outmy shift is different then the one I had so I called and asked Amber why? is my shift changed. she says Mr. Brian told me to change you shift or take you off the schuldwhen i asked why? thats when she tells me about my food being to salty So i asked her why have it been 4 days now and no one came to me and said anything she said I didn’twant to upset you I hung up the phone waited for Wenesday to get here I went to work on Wenesday July 19, 2017 for 5:45 Amber called me to the side and says I need to talk to you The first thing she says to me is you know how mr.Brian is and once he’s on you ass he’s on your ass. I said amber you know my food ws not salty and is never salty she says Mr. brian is my manager and i have to do what he tell me I said even if you know he’s lying she walked away I clock in at 5:55 at 7:30 I took a break after I returned for break I was called to the back offices By Mr. Jason he tells me that Mr. Brent (Owner) came in the store the day before and told him they had to let me go So I said I’m fired he said yes I aksed for my Pink slip and he told me I had to wait until untill later I called back at 11:45 and it still was not ready so I call today July 20, 2017 and its still not ready the told me I had to wait til Monday I Know you don’t have to have a reason to be fired in Louisiana but what other Legal Rights do I Have..  I can really say this is the worst job I have ever had in my life I have every had in my life