history short essay assignment

Short-Essay Assignment

Instructions: Your typed response should be 2 pages in length, double-spaced, use complete sentences, and include key terms.  Key terms include all those listed on handouts such as the Embargo Act of 1807 or Erie Canal.  Without key terms the highest grade you can make is a 35/50.  Please save your file using your last name and the number of the question you are answering.  For example, “Atkinson1”.  Do not use a # as this might prevent your file from being submitted. You should use your notes and textbook to answer one of the questions.  Do not copy and paste from the Internet or you will receive a Zero.

Short-Essay Options

1)     How did the economic transformations of the period 1800-1850 alter American society and everyday life?  In what ways was life unique for Americans living in cities?


2)     In what ways did politics become more democratic in the period 1800-1860?  How did Andrew Jackson appeal to the so-called common man as PRESIDENT?