homework 26

its a. journal entery needed.

 Read the readings and write a journal entery in max a page.

Please submit by noon on August 17th, a 1-page Max written reflection journal entry and/or summary mind-map drawing upon & connecting each of the 3 readings on the following topic questions:

Pick one of Rhinesmith’s Corporate Culture Survey Dimensions from pages 164-165 and connect it to one of Tsedal’s global team leadership dimensions:

o   Describe an example of when you’ve observed or experienced your own cultural mistakes on that dimension in a work, travel, academic or case study environment.

o   Take Molinsky’s framework for charting your learning progress & obtaining others’ tolerance of your own vulnerabilities in the dimension that you observed above.

o   Have fun with it! We’re all capable of cultural blunders at any moment, so a sense of humor helps!…(except in certain cultures, of course..’)

Please make sure you are applying the concepts in the assigned readings along with your personal comments.