How cultural influences depict community views on alcohol in the United States

During the last six weeks, we have reviewed and discussed how alcohol is considered a drug and the behavioral effects that occur due to alcohol consumption in global populations. For this assignment you are to read the New York Times article “Why People Drink Themselves Silly, and Why” by Benedict Carey and create a PowerPoint presentation explaining how cultural influences depict community views on alcohol in the United States.

Your presentation is to include the following:

Discuss Alcohol Use, Misuse and Abuse in the United States List 2-4 of the latest statistics surrounding the use of alcohol Does the 21-year minimum age requirement for alcohol consumption play a role in cultural differences within U.S. communities? Are women culturally more affected by alcohol consumption than men? Create an Alcohol Awareness Campaign Action Plan to educate members in a given community about Alcohol Abuse Prevention Identify one organization who you can partner for your awareness campaign. Do ensure to provide an overview of the organization Create a Cost-Benefit Analysis for your Alcohol Awareness Campaign Action Plan Your presentation should be 10-15 slides in length (title page and references are not included the page count). Acceptable fonts are Times New Roman or Cambria with a 12-48 size font. Your presentation must also follow APA guidelines and include 2-3 outside peer-reviewed resources