Human resource development

1400 words + reference list (minimum 8-9 high quality articles) 20%

Develop an essay in answering the two questions below. Engage in substantial and independent literature searches to address the questions. Make the essay clear and engaging for the reader.

Take note: Arguments need to be evidence based

-How new technology in business environment impact on human resource development (HRD)?  

-What opportunities and challenges does new technology present for HRD professionals? What recommendations would you give to HRD professional so that we are up for the opportunities and challenges presented by new technology?

Essay should have a general structure of:

Take Note: More focus on the body of the essay please

Introduction (140 words): Cover the points you outline sequentially in the body of your report to stay on track. An introduction needs to outline the purpose, context, and background rationale. You also need to set limits of the research by identifying what you are going to cover and sticking to it.

Body of your Essay (1000words): Present your detailed literature review and argument development. Arguments and definitions must be supported by your references. Every comment make that presents as a fact, assertion or argument has to be substantiated with a good reference that is cited or quoted in text. Marks are lost for unsubstantiated opinions. The lecturer is interested in your capacity to communicate well-researched information and to derive your own judgment and argument from existing literature.

Conclusion (150-200words): Write what you have concluded based only on your research. Opinions..

References: Harvard style referencing

Assessment criteria: The lecturer mark based on

-Introduction: states clearly the purpose of the essay and provides engaging opening for readers.

-Coverage: provides comprehensive overview of the topic addressing the key questions. Literature review is sufficient, relevant and recent. Different sections are very well balanced so that the essay reads as broad, strategic, focused and coherent.

-Content: Content of essay closely hinges on the questions; develops solid arguments in asserting own opinions. Use highly relevant HRD theories, frameworks and practices to develop own arguments. Demonstrate critical evaluation and original thinking.

-Conclusion: A follow on from the literature review and analysis developed in the main body of essay. The conclusion finishes with a clear take away messages for the readers. Provides a solid summary of findings of the essay. Do not repeat, only state clear precise and summarized points from body. Additinally do not come out with new ideas. 

-Clarity of writing: Clear, logical and engaging. Clear structure and well crafted sentences. Paragraphing was coherent and consistent with ideas being presented.

-Supporting materials and referencing: Harvard style referencing (at least 8-9 references) Information analyzed was gathered from high quality source