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Read the article (PDF: HUMA 4326 – Latino Arts) and answer the following questions:

1-Explain the cultural contributions of the conquerors and colonizers during the settlement and colonization stage.

2-Comment on aspects of the contacts, clashes, adaptations and active opposition among the Anglos and their relations with the Mexican, Puerto Rican and other Latino communities.

3-How was Mexican culture gaining ground in U.S.A. in the twentieth century?

4-Talk about the importance of newspapers, radio, and folk music in regards to the U.S. Latino presence.

5-Define the concept of “mestizaje” and discuss the diverse opinions about this concept. Explain its importance.

6-Who were the three great painters of the muralist movement and their contributions to society?

7-What was the importance of WWII for an increased presence of Mexican artists and art in U.S.A.?

8-Discuss details about the cultural and artistic impact of the Cuban Revolution and exile in the U.S.A.

9-Discuss the links between Latinos’ cultural and artistic production in terms of:  values, history, presence in the U.S.A. and the civil rights movement.

10-Summarize the information and explain the concepts “contact zone” and “community.” What is the importance of these concepts?