I have the notes for this assignment

Read the article (PDF: HUMA 4326 Latino Food) and answer the following questions:

1-List the traditional ingredients of Latino food.

2-What background do the indigenous cultures bring to Latino food?

3-What is the importance of corn, potatoes, yuca (cassava), and beans in Latino food?

4-What were the culinary contributions of the Spanish and the Europeans?

5-What other culinary contributions came from the Caribbean, South America, the Pacific, and the Mid East?

6-What was the possible origin of wheat tortillas?

7-Comment on the culinary contributions and traditions of the Caribbean islands.

8-Summarize the information you have gleaned about the stereotypes and the contributions of Mexican food.

9-Explain how Latino food has expanded in the U.S. and the influence of industrialization.

10-Summarize aspects of the expansion of Latino food in relation to political circumstances such as immigration and twentieth century exiles.