I need this in 48 hours – Project Managment

First American Bank and Trust Company was founded in 1927 in Atlanta, Georgia. Their corporate headquarters is still located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Executive Board of the Bank has carefully reviewed all the information that was collected on the three proposals that it was considering. The Executive Board has decided that Proposal B has the highest profit potential with the lowest total cost and with an acceptable degree of risk. Therefore the bank wishes to begin implementation of Proposal B as stated in Exam One as follows:Proposal B: Do not add any more branch offices in the 17 states where the bank is already established but instead expand into the following states east of the Mississippi River: Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, and Ohio.The Executive Board now wants you to answer the following four questions and provide them with all the following information: 1. What type of budget or budgets would you recommend so that the Bank can successfully complete the implementation of Proposal B? What major cost items should be included in the budget or budgets for the bank? Do not estimate the cost for these items. Only identify the major items that should be included and clearly explain why each major item is important. 2. Exactly who should participate in the creation of the budget or budget? This will be the Job Titles of the people who will be responsible for estimating the costs and timetables for each item in the budget or budgets. Clearly explain exactly why each of these people should participate in the creation of the budget or budgets. 3. Clearly explain exactly how the progress on the overall project should be tracked and reported. Clearly explain exactly how performance against the budget(s) should be tracked and reported. 4. Identify the types of variances that should be monitored and reported. Clearly explain why you recommend keeping track of these variances and clearly exactly what these variances will reveal and the purpose for which they will they be used. (You do not need to provide any numbers and you do not need to do any calcuations.)