Identifying and Evaluating Emotional Appeals

For this activity, please do the following:

1. Refer to Exercise 6-1 in your textbook (p. 275) and select five different emotional appeals that you’d like to discuss and analyze. There are 10 emotional appeals listed — you only need to choose 5 of them!

2. For each emotional appeal that you’ve selected, find one print or video (e.g., a commercial) advertisement that uses the appeal. Thus, you are locating five total advertisements (one advertisement for each of the 5 emotional appeals you’ve selected). 

After you’ve found your 5 print advertisements and/or commercials, you’ll create a brief write-up for each advertisement. Specifically, in a 1-2 page paper (Word document), please respond to the following three questions for each of your advertisements:

1. Briefly describe the advertisement. Consider the following aspects: What’s happening in the print ad or commercial?  What are the people doing, and why?  You don’t need to describe everything about the advertisement, but make sure to include anything related to the emotional message.  

2. Identify which emotional appeal that the advertisement uses, and explain how the advertisement creates and/or represents this specific emotional appeal. What about the advertisement appeals to the emotion?

3. Do you think that the emotional appeal is effective? In other words, does the use of the emotional appeal help make the advertisement persuasive? Why or why not?  Be specific with your argument here!


  • Again, you must respond to the three questions above for each of the 5 advertisements. The best way to organize the paper is to write a separate paragraph (or two) for each advertisement. 
  • Your advertisements can be print and/or video (e.g., a commercial). You do NOT need to attach print advertisements or provide links to commercials. However, make sure you provide an adequate description of the advertisement so I understand its premise without having access to it.
  • You must select 5 different emotional appeals; thus, please do not use the same emotional appeal more than once.
  • You must select 5 different advertisements; thus, please do not use the same advertisement to discuss multiple emotional appeals.

Additional Guidelines:

As with all written assignments in this class, this assignment should be in Times New Roman 12 point font with 1-inch margins. Please double-space this assignment as well.