In this section, you’ll read your own sample of student writing and use part of our 6+1 formal writing rubric to assess the fluency of the sentences….

A variety of end marks (. ! ?) will indicate a variety of sentence types.

**These might include rhyming words, alliteration (the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words), and assonance (the repetition of vowel sounds). All can add to a sense of rhythm. You’ll learn more about such devices in semester 2.

Written Assignment. Recognizing Fluency. (25 points). In a good paragraph, where you show in your own writing what you know about sentence fluency, tell which sample you ranked the highest and explain what qualities you saw in it.

Written Assignment: Revising for Fluency (25 points). Rewrite the following paragraph, making revisions to eliminate the monotony. Include transitional words and phrases, a variety of sentence styles and improved cadence and rhythm. Recombine sentences, add stronger diction, and punctuate with flair! Be creative!

My Favorite Career.

My favorite career is professional athlete. A professional athlete has a lot of status. She earns a lot of money. She works at what she loves. She gets respect. A professional athlete must work hard. She must work long days. Sometimes, her body aches. She must still work out and go to practice. She must stay physically strong. She must eat healthy foods. She must practice a healthy lifestyle. She can get injured too. A professional athlete can work in her sport when she is young. She can work as a coach later. Maybe she can even work as a sports broadcaster. There are lots of alternatives. Professional athlete is my favorite sport for all these reasons.

Answer: Instructor should look for evidence of additional transitions, reconstructed sentences (varying from simple to compound-complex), improved diction, and a smoother rhythmic flow.